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Predict the winning teams on your weekly pick sheet. The winner is the person with the most correct picks, generally, but there are many variations to how your game can be scored based on points and tiebreakers. Customize your pick sheet with select games from NFL and College weekly lineups. Use confidence ranks, bonus points for Key Picks, allow "Best Bet" picks (e.g. pick just 5 games from the weekend instead of the full picksheet) and much more. Note: You can also include College Bowl games on your weekly picksheet.
  • Pro, College, or Both
  • Decide which games to include on the picksheet
  • Weight each game as you see fit
  • Standard, Confidence Points, or Key Picks
  • Include Over/Under picks
  • Choose from a wide variety of Tiebreakers
  • Drop Worst Weeks
  • Autopick Options
  • Trash Talk Message Board
  • Instant Updates
  • Email Reminder Notices
  • Weekly Score Reports

$1 per entry - Free Trial Period - see details

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