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NHL Survivor

The Basics

NHL Survivor Pools - Pick one NHL team a week from the Saturday games. If your team wins, you advance and can't pick that team again. If your team loses, you're out. There are many options to customize and manage the game just how you like. Set it up to pick on/against a team once, twice or unlimited times. Do single elimination or allow a number of strikes before you're out. Manually revive anyone who gets eliminated. It's all under your control.

Key Features

  • Easy to add multiple entries
  • Pick on/against a team only once, twice or unlimited
  • Allow 1 or more "strikes"
  • Optional loser pool format
  • Bye weeks

About OFP

2018 marks our 20th year of sports pool hosting. Our fulltime staff provides excellent customer service, and we have a deep, reliable website, and extremely fast score and standings updates. Check our About Us and FAQ pages for more information.

We do the work... you enjoy the game